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NATIONAL – Solo Rules

The SCCA National Solo Rules are made available on-line by the SCCA Solo Department as a courtesy to the entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about the technical regulations governing SCCA Solo Competition.

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LOCAL - Dixie SCCA Solo Championship Series Rules

Dixie Region SCCA sanctions an annual autocross series called "Dixie Region Solo Championship Points Series." Drivers compete for year-end class trophies and overall Solo points champion.

The current Championship Series Rules have been in effect as of January 1, 1994. These Series Rules are currently undergoing a rewrite and will operate under the revised rules as of January 1, 2018. Unless specified herein, all SCCA National Solo rules apply.


General Dixie Region Solo Rules (pre-2018 Revision)

  1. Trophies at individual events will be awarded as follows:

    • 2 competitor class:1st place

    • 3 competitor class:1st place

    • 4 competitor class:1st and 2nd place

    • 5 competitor class:1st and 2nd place

    • 6 competitor class:1st, 2nd and 3rd place

    • 7 or more:1st, 2nd and 3rd place

  2. A class consists of at least two cars. SCCA bumping rules apply.

  3. There will be no "Ladies Classes" unless two or more women in the same class wish to compete in a ladies class.

  4. Every driver must work a job at every event to receive a time.

  5. All drivers are responsible to see that their cars are classed properly. There will be no reclassifying once the event has begun.
  6. A driver with no Solo or autocross experience will be designated a "Novice" for a period of 12 months, beginning with the first event entered, or until they place first in their class, whichever occurs first. The novice with the fastest time will be recognized at each event.

  7. "Fun Runs" may be held at the end of timed runs and at the discretion of the Event Chairman. All Fun Run drivers must be event entrants and will be charged $2.00 per Fun Run. The driver and passenger must have a valid driver's license and all Fun Run vehicles must pass technical inspection.

Dixie Region Solo Championship (DRSCS) (pre-2018 Revision)


    1. To qualify for the Dixie Region Solo Championship Series:

      a. The driver must meet minimum SCCA qualifications for entering Regional Solo events.

      b. The driver must compete in at least 50 percent of the regular season Dixie Region Solo events (not including the Runoffs).

      c. The driver must be a member of SCCA at the time of the Runoffs. Trial Members and Temporary Members will not be eligible for the year-end championship awards. If a driver becomes a member before the Runoffs, all points accumulated in that calendar year will be counted toward the championship.

    2. Regular season events will be held approximately monthly within the boundaries of the Dixie Region. A minimum of six regular season events per year must be held to award individual year-end class awards. If less than six events are held, the Region will only award the overall points champion.

    3. Points per finish in each regular season event are awarded as follows: 1st:12 - 2nd:9 - 3rd:7 - 4th:6 - 5th:5 - 6th:4 - 7th:3 - 8th:2 - 9th:1

    4. Bumping:

      a. If a driver is bumped into a higher class, points will be awarded as follows: The bumped driver that comes in second will receive first place points in the car's regular class; third place will receive second place points, fourth will receive third place points and so forth.

      b. If a driver in the higher class fails to beat a lower class car in a combined class, that driver will only receive points based on his or her actual finish.

    5. Year-end trophies and class titles will be awarded for every class in which a driver met the requirements. In the event of a tie, the driver with the most first place finishes will be the winner. If there is still a tie, the driver that beat the driver with whom he or she tied the most times will win the tie
    6. If a driver competes in all events in the series, the driver will be required to drop the points from one event.

    7. Every driver must work a job at every event to qualify for points.


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